Frozen Lake Entertainment

If you come to China in the winter, do not fear, because there are still plenty of things for you to do here! Take a frozen lake, for instance, and imagine what sort of fun you could have with it…

You could… bring a broom, clear the ice, and go for a swim. [Warning: this habit is apparently encouraged only for people in their 50’s and over, as it assists with blood circulation. If you are under 50, wait a few more years, as it might not be so good for your body.] Or don’t bother clearing the ice. Just go for a run and a slide across the slippery surface of the lake!

Or on that same lake you could rent ice skates or chair skates?

Or why not feed the ducks (or capture your own Peking duck meal :p)?

Best of all, China is a great place to go PEOPLE WATCHING!! The possibilities are endless. Even beside the lake there’s always someone doing something. You can walk right up to people, stand beside them, and observe what they’re doing. It’s totally fine to even ask to join in 🙂