Exchange Program for Families

More and more western families are giving their children a head start in life by exposing them to the Chinese language and culture. There’s no better way than to BRING YOUR FAMILY TO CHINA!

Increase ‘cultural intelligence’. Bring the kids for language and culture classes at our Language & Culture Center (while you go off for child-free coffee and exploration!).

When your kids are not in class, take them camping on the Great Wall, or exploring the alleys and museums of Beijing. Volunteer as a family in an orphanage, a migrant children’s school, or an English corner. Share your own culture with Chinese children. You will not have a dull moment in Beijing!

CONNECT with an EXCHANGE FAMILY. Spend a day with a Chinese family. Or visit a Chinese family’s home. If you’re lucky you will have the chance to host them yourselves when they visit you in your own home one day!