Exchange Program for Individuals

With 1.4 billion Chinese people living in China alone, let alone the millions scattered all over the globe, what better way to connect with one-fifth of the world’s population, and to increase your global effectiveness, than to come and live among them ON THEIR SOIL for a time?

We want you to CONNECT with and immerse in the REAL CHINA. Learn the language, understand the culture, and live as much as possible as the Chinese do.

Come for 2 weeks or stay for up to a few years. Study Chinese (1on1 or in a group class) at our language & culture center in Beijing. Read with or teach English to Chinese children. Volunteer among the marginalized of Chinese society. Join our culture programs. Travel the sites of China.

Accommodation? You can totally immerse by living with a Chinese host family or Chinese house mates. Or if you need more space, no worries, live in your own rental apartment, or share with other foreigners. Whatever your choice, we can help you arrange it.

Want to make Chinese friends? No problems. We can arrange a ‘Chinese buddy’ to help you get started in Beijing.

Need a visa? No problems. Our 6 month study program provides a 6 month single-entry student visa + 170 hours of 1on1 Mandarin class (scheduled flexibly to allow you to travel when you want – cost 28,000 RMB).

As culture consultants we personally tailor your experience to help you find the right fit for you.